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It’s as if a magic wand was waved over me!

“Ascent Audiology & Hearing is an excellent business. I like the professionalism of Dr.Jacobson, and her receptionist Rosemary was excellent. The procedure was one of total relief for me. I am 84 years old, and for the past ten years I have been using uncomfortable hearing aids. I almost stopped associating with the outside world because of my hearing difficulties. Dr. Jacobson turned it all around.

For the very first time I felt like my problem was dealt with. She understood what I was trying to correct for years. She literally broke it down bit by bit and solved my problem. Her personal attention, care, kindness, and concern has done wonders for me. Now I am able to converse and understand what people are saying. It’s as if a magic wand has been waved over me!
Dr. Jacobson is a knowledgeable woman who takes the time and patience to hear what you’re saying and helps to correct it. I would absolutely recommend Ascent Audiology & Hearing to anyone!”
Anne Fisher
Fairhaven, MA


Most rewarding, most professional; definitely to be recommended

“Rena at Ascent Audiology & Hearing is great and very attentive–her time was my time, and she listened and made eye-to-eye contact. She gave me so much time and answered any questions I had. I’ve been back to her two or three times, per her request, and the Starkey hearing aids are fine. They are fitting well and I hear beautifully. Her assistant is fabulous and wonderful, and the process of making an appointment is good.
Rena is very courteous and very, very professional and you can certainly believe in her product. I’ve already recommended her to others because my experience with her is very well founded. I’ve known her for 15 to 20 years, and she was delightful, kind, gentle and sweet to my mother, and my mother was pleased. ”
Pauline Ready
Somerset, MA


They are always looking to do more for you

“The people over at Ascent Audiology & Hearing are wonderful. I had a hearing test a couple years ago and was told I needed hearing aids, but I was not ready to do that whole process at the time. My insurance company recently made some suggestions for where I could get hearing aids and I chose Ascent Audiology & Hearing. I am so glad that I did!
These people believe that they can not do enough for you, no matter what they are always looking to do more and make sure you are 100% taken care of. They do a good job of parceling out information during visits, and if you have any questions they will sit their and answer them for you, even if you have so many questions that it takes them two hours to answer. I really love it here and I would definitely recommend them to anyone and everyone. ”
Gail Sullivan
Fairhaven, MA


Simply the best. You are welcomed and treated with respect and sincerity.

“Rena and her assistant Rosemary have for me been a Godsend I have been dealing with hearing loss for years I never knew how bad my hearing was till I visited Ascent Audiology. Rena takes the time to listen to your needs and takes appropriate action to help your needs. I am so glad I met them. I just wish I had met them sooner. I would recommend them to anyone that needs help with a hearing loss. They are warm, friendly and totally professional. Thanks for everything Rena Jacobson and Rosemary Larkin you both are simply the best.”
Phil Stanley
Fairhaven, MA


Always get the service I expect

“I have been a patient of Rena’s of Ascent Audiology and Hearing for many, many years. I have followed her from three different doctors’/audiology offices. When I first started to lose my hearing in the 1990s, she was the audiologist of the doctor I went to. I still have the same doctor, but went to her wherever she went. I am very comfortable with her, and she knows what she is doing. She is accommodating, and always updates my hearing aides. My hearing is not going to get any better, and is only going to get worse. However, she is able to maximize my hearing with her equipment and skill.
The office is very comfortable, modern, and nice. All of the equipment she uses are new and up to date. She also has this really cool device that works as a camera, and it shows everything that goes on inside the ear canal. I can watch it myself. I always get the service I expect from them. ”
Richard S.
Swansea, MA

Customer Reviews

I’ve been wearing Hearing Aids for about 3 years. Bought two basic moulded Oticons at an Audiologist down the street that was miffed that I wouldn’t spend $4,000 on high end ones. All I received were the two Hearing Aids and a small brush tool for cleaning. I wipe them...

Greg Stradley, on Google

What a beautiful and clean office. Very professional and warm staff. Would definitely recommend for my friends and family.

Mary Schabert, on Google

Friendly, knowledgable service!

Stephen Ory, on Google

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