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I’ve been wearing Hearing Aids for about 3 years. Bought two basic moulded Oticons at an Audiologist down the street that was miffed that I wouldn’t spend $4,000 on high end ones. All I received were the two Hearing Aids and a small brush tool for cleaning. I wipe them off each day and clear any ear wax clogs. One (my worst ear) stopped working. I googled on site repairs & Ascent Audiology popped up.Their web site was well designed, welcomed walk-ins & did many repairs on site. Today I went to the Dartmouth Office & Dr. Jacobson was there. I fully expected that I’d be w/o my left aid for a couple of weeks or so. She looked at it & said the ear-wax filter (didn’t know there was one) was clogged & needed replacing. Apparently, I should have received a small supply of filter replacements in the beginning, but didn’t. Dr. J showed me how it’s done & sold me a few replacement filters for $6 and now I’m back in business. I couldn’t be happier & when I need some service or a Hearing Test or new Hearing Aids , I’ve got somebody I can trust that knows what their doing to work with me !
Greg Stradley, on Google
What a beautiful and clean office. Very professional and warm staff. Would definitely recommend for my friends and family.
Mary Schabert, on Google
Friendly, knowledgable service!
Stephen Ory, on Google

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